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You should ask your partner gently and at the right time. It is important that you change the tone of your voice when talking about therapy sessions with your partner. You should find a peaceful time when there are no many confusions or when a lot of things are going on. For example, you can talk this in bed when you want to sleep. This will tell your partner how much you value your relationship. Try to be passionate when addressing this issue and discuss with him/her some of the fears in your relationship. Click this link couples therapy to see more information.

Another thing is that when talking about therapy, you should neither blame nor criticize your partner.  You should fully focus on what you want to do to make your relationship look good. The statements you are using should primarily focus on your feelings. Tell your partner some of the things that you would like to learn from the therapy sessions.

To convince your partner, you should let him/her know the importance of his participation in the therapy. As we do say that many ideas are better than one. The participation of your partner is more important as the therapist will able to get information from both sides. This will likely lead to the success of the session. Marriage involves two people who are bonded together to be one and their participation will be important. Witness the best info that you will get about relationship counselor click here.

Apart from that, you should also tell your partner the result you expect from the session. You find that when both partners attend a therapy session, the therapist will always give them time to arrive at a conclusion without giving a hint or taking sides. This is important since it will be like they are making an oath.

You can also involve your partner in choosing the therapist. You should include your partner in your scheduled meetings with the therapists so that he will be able to choose the best therapist out of the many. This is important as this will be a therapist that both of you are comfortable with.

You can also convince him that the therapy will not take long. Your partner may fail to attend a therapy with fear that it will consume a lot of his time. This will motivate him to attend the sessions and cooperate with the therapist. This will be fruitful as the duration that a therapy session always take depends on the motivation and participation of the victims. Learn more about counseling services , follow the link.